Thinking of Selling

If you have a property in Bali and have decided you want to sell there are a few thing you need to do in order to make the sale process as easy as possible for yourself and your agent.

If you are selling a villa you will need the original Sertipikat (Title) a copy of your IMB (building permit) or if it is a Lease a copy of the lease. It is also necessary to have an inspection protocol bearing in mind that the easier it is to show prospective Buyers your property the better chance there is of negotiating a sale.

There is a school of thought that when you want to sell your property the best thing to do is get lots of agents in to list your property. The reality of this method is that it actually has the opposite result to the one you are after. Instead of having an agent that is responsible to you for getting your property sold none of them feel responsible or can be held to account.


  1. We have a data base of nearly every real estate sales representative in Bali and once we list your property and do up the marketing material we will email it to all of them offering them half the commission if they have a buyer. This will save you needing to contact lots of agents and if you want to know what’s going on and how the sale of your property is going you only need to contact one person
  2. If everyone has a listing no one is responsible to you for getting your property sold.
  3. With an exclusive listing we will invest in marketing your property and prepare very good marketing material to provide to all the other sales people in Bali.
  4. With an exclusive listing we can prequalify Buyers to make sure you only have people that are real buyers going through your property.
  5. As an exclusive agent to you we are exclusively accountable to you for getting your property sold and you will be able to give you honest advice and feedback.
  6. If everyone has it for sale no one is working 100% for you, as an exclusive agent we will be working for you 100%.
  7. As an exclusive agent getting you the best deal is the most important thing to us rather than getting the buyer the best deal, do you want an agent that is working for the buyer or working for you. Only an exclusive listing creates the situation where an agent works 100% for you.
  8. If you have had your property on the market with multiple agents for a long time without a sale what you have been doing has not worked so let us try an exclusive agreement for a few months and see if we can do better.

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