Bali Life at the beach is a slow-paced and relaxing.

Published on August 22nd, 2016

The many health benefits of the beach

Toes in the hot sand, waves crashing rhythmically in the distance and the warm glow of the sun beating down on you. Sounds like paradise doesn't it?

Having similar experiences with the sun sand and sea at one of the island's pristine beaches is one of many reasons that people fall in love with Bali. There's few places more relaxing then a tropical beach, and there are no better coastlines than on this beautiful Indonesian island.

But did you know that time at the beach may have a few unexpected health benefits? Let's have a look at what these could be and discover how buying or renting property in Bali could make you a happier, healthier person.

Time at the beach may make you feel healthier and happier.Time at the beach may make you feel healthier and happier.

Sun reports that Bali can get almost 400 hours of sunshine a month. That's over 13 hours a day!

This may be good for more than just a nice even tan, according to Healthline. The sun is one of the best sources of vitamin D there is, and more exposure may reduce your risk of getting certain diseases as well as helping to fight depression and facilitate weight loss.

While you may get a little sun in the back yard at home, is it really the same as soaking in the health benefits every day on a tropical island? Buy a vacation home in Bali and you could be a happier, healthier human with months.


Trips to the beach are always more active, whether you're swimming in the waves, walking down the coast or playing sports. Exercise has countless health benefits which can include reducing your risk of heat disease and depression.

According to a Journal of Experimental Biology study, walking on sand requires may require up to 2.5 times more effort. This means that even if you're just taking a stroll during a Bali sunset, you'll feel better for it – not to mention the beautiful view.

Bali can get almost 400 hours of sunshine a month. That's over 13 hours a day!


A study published in the Health and Place Journal has suggested that people living in coastal communities may be healthier in general. Whatever the scientific reasons are, it's hard to argue that the sea has the power to restore and relax.

Whether it's the sound of waves softly crashing lulling you to sleep or the fresh and healthy feeling you get after time in the ocean, it's an undebatable fact that the sea makes you feel good. So why not make one of the most beautiful oceans in the world your backyard?


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